One Week
Inspired by Thomas Mann, who believed that time was to precious to squander.
I kept a diary and I asked myself: what colour is today? I pictorialized what I did that day: from the mundane to the scintillating. Not from a distance, but very closely.
Action as colour and colour as action.

100 days
For a hundred days, I took pictures of a single plant in the garden, a camelia.
I laid out the exact position for the tripod and begon on the first of April 2014.It was a warm spring and the petals were just past their best.
That day the AEX closed at +0.35.
In the business environment the concept of 100 days is commonly accepted.
It is the time given to a new CEO to make his mark. Every day I tracked the AEX.
The pictures were trimmed in accordance with the index of the day.
One might call them ‘a flower still life index’.

12 going to 13
I portrayed the valuables of my son:
most of a toy gun;
a stone;
a pile of cut up rubbers;
a souvenir from the London Eye;
a piggy bank;
a whistle;
a catapult;
2 undefined rubber objects;
a trophy;
a personalised stick;
a big glass marble.
They are showpieces.