Grey / Bloemendaal
Colour is something that fills form. (Carlos Cruz-Diez)
Grey is the epitone of non-statement. And like no color it is suitable for illustrating nothing. (Gerhard Richter)
Colour is the most relevant medium in art. (Joseph Albers)
Photography is not coloured. Painting is. (Osip Brik)
The grander a cuisine is, the less robust its hues will be. (william H. Glass)
Color no es colorido. (Goya)
The colour of truth is grey. (Andre Gide)
If you… are moved only by colour relationships, then you miss the point. (Mark Rothko)
The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you. (Coco Chanel)

Green / Ireland
I love hand coloured photographs. Especially the ones that are sloppilly coloured.
They say Ireland is the land of forty shades of green. When I visited the country. I took pictures of grass.
The Irish grass is my dye.

Blue / London
The Japanese writer Toyo Shibata wrote when she became a hundred: “life is not getting easy, but perhaps a new colour is waiting for me”.

Blue suites London, that was what I thought the last time I visited it.

Red / Home
The green-eyed monster, seeing red, he is green with envy, do something till you are blue in the face, out of the blue, a red letter day, grey market, blue eyed boy (or girl), a red herring, blue on blue, green-stick fracture, greenhorn, red tape, red in tooth and claw, he is green, there were some red faces, to go green, once in a blue moon, a grey area, a blue movie, blue sky thinking, blue blooded, blue stocking.

Coloured / Family
On Colour
What is colour? For me colour is immaterial.
It is as abstract as a philosophical concept.
Even black and white photography can imply colour.
Mostly I prefer black, white and grey. Or just one dominant colour.
It is more enlightening.
Colour can easily be misunderstood.
For Rothko, space was the most essential part in his paintings
and more important than colour.
Some colours are more fashionable than others. These are the cheerful ones.
When predominantly used in photography or photobook, it becomes design.